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8 Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

No one seems to know who wrote this poem but it is so true.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe it because I remember my past lives so for me it is not a fantasy, it is a reality. Even though I remember my past lives and know there is no death, death still scares me. Why? Because we only have one life to live.

If we reincarnate then why do I write that we only have one life to live? Simple. Do you remember living before? Most people don't....

Our fear of death has caused us to prolong the suffering on our elders, people with debilitating diseases, the mentally handicapped and those who are in comas. We are more concerned with the length of someone's life than with the quality of their life. The quality of someone's life is more important than the length. Is it better to live a short happy life or to live a long life of pain and...

Reincarnation is when a person dies and is reborn again.

A lot of people say they don't believe in reincarnation. They believe in a god who lives in the sky and that god created them. That god will either let them live on in heaven with him when they die or live on in hell with the devil. This belief means that people believe in eternal life. Other people believe that there is no...

We have always existed. This is a point I really want to drive home to people. In the beginning we existed and in the end we will exist because there is no beginning and no end. Life always is.

Death does not exist. Death is the process of going from visible to invisible. Being born is going from invisible to visible. Death is easier to comprehend if we learn to think of it in this...

Death is not real. It isn't real because energy cannot be created or destroyed. It merely changes form. We have always existed and we will always exist.

Death is changing from one form to another. We shed our human form and take on another. We, as energy, change form over and over again. We have always done this and will always do this.

People who believe in karma always make statements like you must have done something in a past life to deserve what's happening. They say that because they can't find anything in your current life to explain your bad luck so they use the past.

People truly believe that good people get rewarded with good things in life and bad people get punished so whenever bad things happen to...

There is a common belief that when we die we will be greeted by long dead relatives; That they will meet us, greet us and take us to be with them in a better place. This belief does not stem from a belief in reincarnation. This belief comes from Christianity. Christians believe that when they die their relatives will meet them and escort them to heaven. Christianity has spread all over the...




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